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About us

k5 digital is a web-studio for full cycle Internet projects development: idea, design, development, testing, support. We are a team of developers for whom their hobby one day became a favorite business. During the period of our work, we have formed approaches and set of tools that let us create high-quality, modern and interactive projects. And at the same time we constantly monitor the latest developments in the field and introduce them into our processes. We do not chase the quantity of completed projects, but emphasize the quality of our products, embodiment of ideas, solving customers problems, compliance with the terms of development of new projects and support of existing ones.

Our key services


Integrated development of Internet projects using web technologies, programming languages and marking.

Site customizing

Development of responsive version of projects together with its further adaptation for mobile and non-desktop devices.

CMS / eCommerce

Development of online stores using content management systems aimed at solving problems typical for this format.

Designs prototypes

Design of pages layouts and visual design using the best time-proven UX/UI practices.

Templates makeup

Makeup of design layouts into dynamic html pages using html, php, javascript, css, sass.

WordPress development

Projects development using WordPress as a content management system. It is suitable for the development of landings, business cards, corporate sites.

Opencart development

Online stores development using Opencart as a content management system.

Drupal development

Projects development using Drupal as a content management system. It is suitable for the development of projects of virtually any complexity.

MODx development

Projects development using MODx as a content management system. It is suitable for the development of projects of virtually any complexity.

E-mails makeup

Mails makeup with all features of e-mail services and e-mail-clients. Responsive letters.

Development flow


Idea and analysis of demands

At this stage we meet the customer and get acquainted with special features of his/her business. We identify the demands and set out necessary tasks, which should be resolved by the project. The customer fills in the brief for development then there comes several questions/answers stages following with the arrangement of work specification. Then we pass to the stage of time planning and evaluation.


Planning and evaluation of project time

Having received the detailed work specification with description of project peculiarities and tasks, our team makes development plan and evaluates the time necessary for the successful completion of the project. Having agreed the terms and the budget we sign the agreement and proceed to the stage of design layouts development.


Layouts design and visual design development

On the basis of information received, designer starts the development of pages layouts. After the discussion and approval for layouts from the customer we proceed to develop the visual design of the project. Here live conversation with the customer takes place. We discuss the details on the basis of submitted designs and make adjustments. This stage is resulted in completed and approved set of pages design on the basis of which the further program development will take place. !ATTENTION: all the details shall be discussed during this stage, all subsequent changes and innovations will not be included in the originally specified terms and budget of the project.


Program development

Programmers perform the makeup of pages and integrate them into the chosen content management system. All the development process takes place on our server, we provide a link to the project and you will be able to monitor the progress of development process online. The customer can make small adjustments as to the functional and logical behavior of project’s elements. Upon the completion the project is transferred to testing and correction of possible bugs.



The project passes a comprehensive testing in different browsers and devices that can significantly improve the quality of the finished project and optimize certain processes and elements.


Finalization, launching of the project

After completing of testing we present the finished project to our customer. If both parties confirm the project readiness the code is transferred to the customer’s server. At the same time we provide documentation and a brief educatory description as to the work with the project in the form of text files and images, where appropriate.


Guarantees and support

We provide free online support for 14 days after the transferring of the project to customer’s server. Free support includes advice on working with site and bugs fixing, if these have been omitted during the Testing stage. Also, we keep the project code on our server during the above mentioned period for fast restoration in the events of malfunctions or breakdowns on the primary server, unless other conditions have been specified previously. After the 14-days period you can make a request to support of your project, which will include the following: setting and control of regular backup of the project, restoration in the events of malfunction, online consultations and content management (not more than 8 hours per month). It is also possible to make project’s further improvement in the form of mini-projects, the budget of which shall be calculated separately.


How to begin the development?

Please, contact us in any way convenient for you:

Having briefly specified what needs to be done. If you already have any ready materials relating to the development, send them via e-mail.

In case of site development from scratch, you have to fill in the brief to more accurately determine the details, peculiarities and effectively solve the problem.

How much time does page layout take?

The layout of one page takes an average of 8 hours, if the responsive is necessary it will take 50% of time more from the desktop version. Totally it will take 8 + 4 = 12 hours.

To layout the interior page we will need the average of 4-6 hours for desktops, and 2-3 hours for responsive version.

The time that was mentioned above is approximate and may change upward depending on the complexity of the layout.

How much time does site development take?

Development time depends on the type of site. Below there are approximate examples of type/time:

  • Online business card: up to 5 same type pages, integration with CMS takes an average of 8-24 hours.
  • Landing-page: 1 page takes nearly 8-24 hours.
  • Corporate site: 5 or more pages, two types of templates for the main and inner pages takes 24-40 hours.
  • Online store: 9 different templates: home page, category, search page, brand page, product, shopping cart, checkout, content page, personal account will take more than 40 hours.
  • Other: if you need an individual solution or web-site / application that does not fall within the above mentioned examples the time is determined individually, after the discussion.

In what format shall I send materials to develop?

The preferred is *.psd format for each page in layers. If you have only *.jpg, *.pdf, *.png or any other format but not *.psd the time for development will increase. In case of absence of work characteristics it is necessary to fill in our brief or send a detailed description of what has to be done in *.docx, *.pdf format or in email body along with other files related to the development.

What are the conditions and procedures for cooperation?

  1. Determination of demands and problems faced by the project;
  2. Planning of necessary time and development stages, discussion of budget and signing of the agreement;
  3. Development of pages layouts, approval, visual design development, approval and transition to program part;
  4. Program development and testing;
  5. Completion of testing, transition of the project to customer’s server;
  6. Free support during 14 days after the project has been launched.

Please note: in the case of making changes to design layouts at the stage of program development or appearance of comments / requirements that have not been mentioned at the beginning, during the testing stage the budget and time of project development may be increased.